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Viktor Grgic, Agile Architect & Developer

Viktor Grgic

Biography: Viktor Grgic

Viktor is experienced freelance architect and Agile coach. He speaks on regular basis on conferences and other gatherings mainly about Agile Architecture. He has trained / coached architects and teams, introduced Scrum or fulfilled (enterprise) architecture role in many companies. Some of them are KvK, Municipality of Amsterdam,, ProRail, Port of Rotterdam and Setar (Aruba).

Twitter: @vgrgic

Presentation: How do we achieve more with less?

Track: Agile In Midlife / Time: Friday 11:30 - 12:20 / Location: Grote Zaal

HaMIS at Port of Rotterdam is a real life story about an Agile and Scrum introduction, how we deal with architecture and quality and the most important: achieved results. HaMIS is a large project that gradually replaces a large outdated business critical system and prepares Port of Rotterdam for port expansion named: Maasvlakte 2.

Edwin de Werk (agile project manager and coach) and Viktor Grgic (agile architect and developer) will tell you a story about how passionate developers deliver great results and how we solve complex migration problems, take architectural decisions and experiment with new ways of working together and new technologies.

Target Audience: Managers, Projectmanagers, architects and all other roles that are involved in introducing Agile and Scrum in a company.