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Zef Hemel, VP of Engineering at Cloud9 IDE

Zef Hemel

Biography: Zef Hemel

Zef is VP of Engineering at Cloud9 IDE. He did a PhD on the design and implementation of programming languages and built the infrastructure in Cloud9 to support features like code completion, outline views, code analysis and refactoring for various languages. His current focus is on building great tooling for JavaScript.

Twitter: @zef

Presentation: Taming JavaScript with Cloud9 IDE: A Tale of Tree Hugging

Track: Browser As A Platform / Time: Thursday 13:20 - 14:10 / Location: Keurzaal

JavaScript was originally conceived to write little scripts that could add some interactivity to a web page. Today, it is used for increasingly large applications -- in the browser, but also on the server, e.g. using node.js. Cloud9 IDE is an Integrated Development Environment developed almost exclusively in JavaScript, both on the client and server-side, counting over 240,000 lines of JavaScript code. Managing a code base this large requires a solid code foundation as well as solid tools. During this talk I will describe the Cloud9 infrastructure as well as the libraries and tools we are developing to make it scale. Specifically, I will talk about the static analysis library we have developed to build good language support for JavaScript, including inline error and warning highlighting, the rename refactoring and, soon, code completion based on type inference.

Keywords: static analysis, parsing, DSL
Target Audience: developers