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The JVM: One Platform To Bind Them All

Joris Kuipers
Track abstract
For over a decade, Java has been the default choice for many enterprises to build and run their custom applications. Traditionally, most people made no distinction between Java as a language and Java as a platform. However, with the rise of new JVM-based languages that support additional paradigms, with newer runtimes like clouds and with the rise of new architectures and patterns like map-reduce, event sourcing, non-blocking asynchronous request handling etc. the landscape is changing quickly. Polyglot programming is no longer the exception, Java EE application servers no longer form the default runtime environments, and increasingly the JVM itself is considered as the one connecting platform. This track explores the current landscape in JVM-based languages, solutions and runtimes and will convincingly demonstrate that the JVM will remain the go-to platform for years to come, whether you're a traditional business or a cutting edge startup.
The JVM: One Platform To Bind Them All
ROOM Grote Zaal
Day Thursday (24th May.)