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Workshop: "Building the Right Thing by Applying Simplicity: Impact Mapping in Action"

Track: Training / Time: Thursday 09:00 - 16:00 / Location: Roland Holst Kamer

The first principle from the Agile Manifesto states: "Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software." but how often do you capture the real value of what you're developing and delivering and use that to help prioritise your work?

In this tutorial, Russ Miles of Simplicity Itself will teach you how to practically apply Impact Mapping using the guiding principles of simplicity for just this challenge. Impact Mapping is a strategic planning technique that prevents organisations from getting lost while building products and delivering projects by clearly communicating assumptions, helping teams align their activities with overall business objectives and make better roadmap decisions. Impact mapping can help you build products and deliver projects that make a valuable impact, not just ship software.

The participants of this interactive workshop will learn the practices of Impact Mapping and try it out in practice on several realistic examples to understand the key facilitation techniques and learn how to run and apply Impact Mapping sessions in their organisations.

Key learning points of this tutorial are:

  • How to create good user stories
  • How to ensure that you're building the right product
  • How to align the activities of delivery teams and the organisation around them
  • How to make an impact with software products and projects
  • How to communicate overall goals and vision to delivery teams
  • How to facilitate impact mapping sessions
  • How to build and navigate a delivery roadmap and backlog with impact maps

Keywords: product owner, business analyst, agile developers, agile testers, business stakeholders, impact mapping, specification by example, requirements, product backlog

Russell Miles, Co-Author of Head First Software Development

Russell Miles

Biography: Russell Miles

Russ Miles wants to help you deliver simpler and better software and solutions.

"An expert is someone who has succeeded in making decisions and judgements simpler; through knowing what to pay attention to and what to ignore" – Edward de Bono, "Simplicity", 1998

"Complexity is the silent killer of delivering the right software, or change, at the right time; it is singly responsibly for killing many good ideas and companies. A focus on simplicity is the answer, but simplicity is not easy. Through our techniques and practices, I help software delivery organisations and teams ensure their solutions are as simple as possible while not missing the mark by over-simplifying." – Russ Miles, Formation of Simplicity Itself, 2013

Russ Miles is Principal Consultant at Simplicity Itself where he works with his clients to help deliver simple and valuable software and change.
Russ' experience covers almost every facet of software delivery having worked across many different domains including Financial Services, Publishing, Defence, Insurance and Search. With over 16 years experience of consultancy, coaching and training, Russ helps to change all facets of the software delivery process in order to remove unnecessary and costly complexity in everything from developer skills and practices, through applying the right processes for the job at hand, to ensuring that the right change is delivered, be it through software or otherwise.

Russ is also an international speaker on techniques for achieving the delivery of valuable software as well as a published author, most recently of "Head First Software Development" from O'Reilly Media. He is currently working on a new book and set of courses that bring together the practical tools for applying simplicity to your software delivery process, both book and courses to be available by mid-2013.

Twitter: @russmiles