GOTO Amsterdam is a vendor independent international software development conference with more that 50 top speaker and 500 attendees. The conference covers topics such as Java, Open Source, Agile, Architecture, Design, Web, Cloud, New Languages and Processes.

Presentation: "Segways, Pandas & Fitness Balls - UX Connects it All"

Track: Usability & Visibility / Time: Thursday 14:30 - 16:40 / Location: Veilingzaal

Good usability is a virtue. Fortunately, we can all contribute by keeping our paths clean and by following the rules presented in this speech. This speech will combine theory and examples (good and bad) to teach us about the perfect user interface. You will see what happens when UX breaks down, of course how to prevent it from breaking down, and you will take a number of concrete take aways with you form the talk.

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Janne Jul Jensen, Interaction Designer & Usability Specialist

Janne Jul Jensen

Biography: Janne Jul Jensen

Within her area of expertise, Interaction design and usability, Janne Jul Jensen is a sought after speaker by both educational institutions, conferences, the public sector and companies, but on a daily basis she mainly applies these skills to the mobile app projects within Trifork, such as apps for Danske Bank, Radiometer A/S, Roskilde Festival, KMD and DSB.

Janne Jul also gives courses internally and externally and has recently founded a user group on Design & Usability (in Danish), where peers can meet and learn from each other.

Previously, Janne Jul was a researcher at Aalborg University, successfully collaborating nationally and internationally with academia and privately held companies on a number of projects. This research resulted in a number of publications. Furthermore, she has reviewed for conferences and journals and co-organized smaller conferences. Apart from her research, she has taught HCI to undergraduate and graduate students and supervised student projects on these topics. She earned her Ph.D. degree in 2009 and a M.Sc. in Software Engineering in 2003, both from Aalborg University.

Twitter: @jjjtrifork
Ph.D. thesis

Preben Thorø, Software Pilot at Trifork

Preben Thorø

Biography: Preben Thorø

Preben has been with Trifork since the early days, and over the past years, he has been part of establishing Trifork GmbH in Zurich. During his +15 years in the business he has taken various positions and roles like programmer/developer, consultant, project manager, team leader, coach and more. He has a strong focus on user experience and making people working efficiently together to meet the end user needs. Prebens main technical focus lies on the mobile platforms.