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Pieter Cailliau, Software Engineer at TomTom

Pieter Cailliau

Biography: Pieter Cailliau

Pieter Cailliau is an instanceof Software Engineer at TomTom Ghent. It's his first job after many years of hard joyful studying. Currently he's contributing to the backend of the next generation production platform of probably the best maps in the world.
If not adding more awesomeness to your navigation, Pieter can be found in a bar in Ghent or running on the streets doing damage control afterwards.

Twitter: @cailliaup

Presentation: Using a Graph Database to Ensure a Routable Road Network

Track: NoSQL / Time: Friday 15:50 - 16:40 / Location: Glazen Zaal

One of the challenges we have at TomTom Maps is to make sure each map update is shippable to customers without lowering the map quality.

One aspect of the quality of our map is making sure the map stays routable. To ensure this for each update we currently rely on Neo4j.

The presentation will go into some detail on the architecture, the size of the graph we maintain, the traversal algorithm and there will also be a short demo.