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Shay Banon, Elasticsearch Creator, Co-Founder & CTO

Shay Banon

Biography: Shay Banon

Shay Banon is the creator of Elasticsearch, the open source, distributed, RESTful, search and analytics engine. Before creating Elasticsearch, Shay spent more than a decade building complex distributed systems and open source search solutions.

Twitter: @kimchy

Presentation: Designing & Evolving a User-oriented API in Elasticsearch

Track: Fashions vs. Fundamentals / Time: Friday 11:30 - 12:20 / Location: Veilingzaal

While developers are most often looking to scratch their own itch when creating open source software, architecting a product that is both powerful and easy to use ensures user success and wide adoption.
In this talk, Shay Banon will share lessons learned from the creation of Elasticsearch, a distributed RESTful search engine whose popularity stems in no small part from its flexible, language agnostic and intuitive APIs. Shay will explore the process of architecting for ease of use and interoperability from the ground up - even when this process creates more overhead for a developer team - and how cross-pollination with many different open source communities informed his design decisions.
Attendees will leave this presentation with a solid understanding of user-oriented API design, enabling their project's wider ecosystem through their API offerings and tips for sweating the small stuff so your users don't have to do so.