GOTO Amsterdam (June 17-19, 2015) is a vendor independent international software development conference with more that 50 top speakers and 500 attendees. The conference covers topics such as AngularJS, Disruption, Docker, Drones, Elasticsearch, Hadoop, Microservices & Scrum.

Presentation: "Developing Event-driven Microservices with Event Sourcing & CQRS"

Track: Microservices / Time: Thursday 13:20 - 14:10 / Location: Effectenbeurszaal

Modern, cloud-native applications typically use a microservices architecture in conjunction with NoSQL and/or sharded relational databases. However, in order to successfully use this approach you need to solve some distributed data management problems including how to maintain consistency between multiple databases without using 2PC.

In this talk you will learn more about these issues and how to solve them by using an event-driven architecture. We will describe how event sourcing and Command Query Responsibility Separation (CQRS) are a great way to realize an event-driven architecture. You will learn about a simple yet powerful approach for building, modern, scalable applications.

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Chris Richardson, Software Craftsman & Entrepreneur

Chris Richardson

Biography: Chris Richardson

Chris Richardson, a Java Champion, is the author of POJOs in Action and the founder of the original, which was a Java PaaS for Amazon EC2. He is currently consulting on microservices and working on his third startup.

Twitter: @crichardson
Code: GitHub