GOTO Amsterdam (June 17-19, 2015) is a vendor independent international software development conference with more that 50 top speakers and 500 attendees. The conference covers topics such as AngularJS, Disruption, Docker, Drones, Elasticsearch, Hadoop, Microservices & Scrum.

Workshop: "Hands-On Continuous Delivery - SOLD OUT"

Track: Workshops / Time: Wednesday 09:00 - 16:00 / Location: Derkinderen Kamer

Getting software released to users is often a painful, risky, and time-consuming process. This tutorial sets out the principles and technical practices that enable rapid, incremental delivery of high quality, valuable new functionality to users. Through automation of the build, deployment, and testing process, and improved collaboration between developers, testers and operations, delivery teams can get changes released in a matter of hours - sometimes even minutes - no matter what the size of a project or the complexity of its code base.

At the heart of the tutorial is a pattern called the deployment pipeline, which involves the creation of a living system that models your organization's value stream for delivering software. We will present you this pattern and discuss how to incrementally automate the build, test and deployment process, culminating in continuous deployment. We'll create a real deployment pipeline using Go, an open source CI/CD tool. We'll cover development practices that enable incremental development and delivery, including a discussion of why a branching approach can be unfavorable to continuous delivery.

Target Audience
Software developers who want to get hands-on experience with the tools and practices of continuous delivery. No prior knowledge of continuous integration or delivery tools is required. Some experience in Java or a similar language is helpful.

Technical Requirements
You will be working in pairs on your own laptops. Please make sure you have Git, Virtual Box and Vagrant installed.

Tim Kläsener, Software Developer at ThoughtWorks

Tim Kläsener

Biography: Tim Kläsener

As a software developer and consultant at ThoughtWorks, Tim's passion is solving problems for clients across a variety of domains and technologies. He focuses on finding the right tools for the job at hand, not forgetting about the cultural and personal impacts technology has. He believes in agile methodologies, fast feedback cycles, strong customer collaboration and a healthy mix of proven and new technologies to foster continuous improvement for the people and businesses he works with.

Tobias Vogel, Software Developer at ThoughtWorks

Tobias Vogel

Biography: Tobias Vogel

As a software developer at ThoughtWorks, Tobias Vogel is interested in tackling complex problems by enabling people and teams rather than dictating solutions from above.
Driven by a passion for Agile methodologies he strives to bring back the happy human being to the center of software development.

Twitter: @wisogetnid