GOTO Berlin is a vendor independent international software development conference with more that 60 top speaker and 400 attendees. The conference cover topics such as Java, Open Source, Agile, Architecture, Design, Web, Cloud, New Languages and Processes.

Dietmar Schütz, Senior Software Architect and at Siemens Corporate Technology

Dietmar Schütz

Biography: Dietmar Schütz

Dietmar Schütz is a Senior Software Architect and Key Principal Expert for Dedicated Systems at Siemens Corporate Technology in Munich, Germany. Dietmar’s experience covers all areas of software architecture development, addressed by assessments, improvements and education for the different sectors and business units. These activities and experience especially incorporate the integration of architecture work into organizations and processes of projects with high business relevance.

Presentation: Lightning on Agile

Track: Beyond Agile / Time: Friday 14:30 - 15:20 / Location: Paris

A handful short talks, reflections on agile development, a weather report and forecast. The speakers will share their experiences from product line development, complexity management, continuous processes, and psychology and team effects. This is your think tank on what your projects could become. Complement your knowledge with many insights presented in comprehensive format, and use your opportunity for discussion.