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Presentation: "Aerospike: Flash-optimized, High-Performance noSQL database for All"

Track: Solutions Track Friday / Time: Friday 10:20 - 11:10 / Location: Hall 4

With the advent of new real-time Internet services, high performance databases have become the center-piece of IT infrastructure everywhere. Spanning several industries from telecommunications to advertisement to financial, it has become of utmost importance to keep data close at hand, retrieve data with minimal latency, and generate insights.

More traditional services are pushed to provide real-time response times, while leveraging and integrating offline legacy analytics systems to augment trusted business intelligence that has been put in place over time. Inherent complexity of so many moving parts incurs considerable cost and complexity, without adding much to the core business itself. As a result, designing systems which can scale linearly with zero downtime and minimal complexity has become an absolute goal of this new era of the Internet.

Aerospike is a noSQL database designed from the ground up to meet all of the above mentioned goals. Optimized for flash, it can maintain sub- or single-millisecond response time, add nodes to increase capacity in the cluster, replicate terabytes of data across multiple data-centers, all at the same time.

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Khosrow Afroozeh, Engineer at Aerospike

Khosrow Afroozeh

Biography: Khosrow Afroozeh

Khosrow is a member of engineering team at Aerospike. He holds a Master's degree in Computer Science, and his interests include Photography, Distributed Systems, Programming Languages and Compilers, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence and converting Coffee to code.