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Presentation: "Fun Stories from an Architect’s Life"

Track: Architecture War Stories / Time: Friday 14:30 - 15:20 / Location: Hall 10

In this session, I will talk about entertaining examples of architectural disasters in software projects. We will see how excellent ideas can turn into nightmares, how one can slowly but thoroughly introduce incredible complexity, and how a merge between organizational and technical failures can grind productivity to a halt. Names and irrelevant details have been changed to protect the somewhat innocent, but everything is based on actual things I had to experience – and sometimes helped create – in the real world.

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Stefan Tilkov, CEO/Co-Founder, innoQ Deutschland GmbH

Stefan Tilkov

Biography: Stefan Tilkov

Stefan Tikov is a decent-frequency blogger, tweets at @stilkov and is a frequent speaker at conferences in Germany and abroad. He is the author of the book "REST und HTTP". Stefan also used to be lead SOA editor on InfoQ.

Stefan has been involved in the design of large-scale, distributed systems for almost two decades, using a variety of technologies and tools ranging from C++ and CORBA over J2EE/Java EE and Web Services to REST and Ruby on Rails.

Co-founder and principal consultant at innoQ, Stefan spends his time alternating between advising customers on new technologies and taking the blame from his co-workers for doing so.