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Presentation: "Handling Data-Flow the Reactive Way using Akka Streams"

Track: Programming Languages / Time: Friday 10:20 - 11:10 / Location: Hall 1

Akka Streams are an implementation of the Reactive Streams specification (, a joint effort that aims at standardizing the exchange of streams of data across asynchronous boundaries in a fully non-blocking way while providing flow control and mediating back pressure. In this presentation we go into the details of what this new abstraction can be used for and what the guiding principles are behind its development. We then pop the hood to inspect the inner workings of how the idiomatic Scala and Java DSLs translate the description of a stream transformation into a running chain of actors. Finally I give an outlook on how this will enable the distributed processing of real-time or big data streams across an Akka Cluster.

Intended Audience

Programmers, architects, CIO/CTOs and everyone with a desire to challenge the status quo and expand their horizons on how to tackle the current and future challenges in the computing industry.

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Roland Kuhn, Akka Tech Lead, Typesafe Inc.

Roland Kuhn

Biography: Roland Kuhn

Roland Kuhn is leading the Akka project at Typesafe, a co-author of the Reactive Manifesto and of the book Reactive Design Patterns, co-teaching the Coursera course "Principles of Reactive Programming" and a passionate open-source hakker. He also holds a PhD in particle physics and has worked in the space industry for several years. See also

Twitter: @rolandkuhn