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Presentation: "Scaling Fashionably: From Startup to Scale at Zalando"

Track: Solutions Track Friday / Time: Friday 13:20 - 14:10 / Location: Hall 4

PostgreSQL plays a crucial role in Zalando's infrastructure, storing everything from customer information to article data and reliably backing our real-time warehouse management systems. Starting from version 9.0 we have been using every release of PostgreSQL in production and loving it more and more with every next release.

I want to share how we deploy, configure, monitor and use PostgreSQL databases to power the fastest growing and the biggest fashion e-commerce platform in Europe.

Among the challenges, I am going to talk about are:

  • accessing sharded and distributed data;
  • managing hundreds of database changes done by hundreds of developers every week;
  • running our databases with minimal downtimes;
  • configuring, controlling and monitoring more than 100 master database instances and hundreds of replicas in several data centers.

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Valentine Gogichashvili, // Lead of Database Team at Zalando

Valentine Gogichashvili

Biography: Valentine Gogichashvili

As Zalando decided to go with Java/PostgreSQL as the core technology, Valentine, already having a lot of experience working with PostgreSQL, joined the company in the autumn of 2010 to support this impressive transition. As a technical lead of Platform/Database team he is responsible for building up, maintaining and monitoring the growing set of PostgreSQL database clusters. He is also responsible for overseeing the process of data model changes, SQL and Stored Procedure code reviews and organizing SQL trainings for Zalando's development team as well as building helper tools and improving continuous delivery processes.