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Leslie Hawthorn, Director of Developer Relations at Elasticsearch

Leslie Hawthorn

Biography: Leslie Hawthorn

An internationally known community leader, speaker and author, Leslie Hawthorn has spent the past decade creating, cultivating and enabling open source communities. She created the world’s first initiative to involve pre-university students in open source software development, launched Google’s #2 Developer Blog, and received an O’Reilly Open Source Award in 2010.

In August 2013, she joined Elasticsearch as Community Manager, where she leads Developer Relations. She works from Elasticsearch's EU HQ in Amsterdam, The Netherlands - when not out and about gathering user praise and pain points.

You can follow her adventures on Twitter: @lhawthorn

Presentation: Closing Keynote: The Human Element in Development: What Your Tools Say about Your Company Culture

Time: Friday 17:00 - 17:50 / Location: Hall 1

Thanks to Agile, the DevOps movement and other new methodologies in software engineering, our industry now has a greater focus on how our human interactions impact our technical creation processes. However, it’s pretty easy to understand how our tools work (Your Mileage May Vary), but understanding our colleagues motivations or how our corporate culture impacts those motivations is much trickier. In this talk, Leslie Hawthorn will reverse engineer collaboration anti-patterns from stories of how specific organizations use their development tools. Attendees will leave amused, inspired and with some great ideas of how to best use tools to facilitate optimal human functioning.