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Olav Maassen, VersionOne

Olav Maassen

Biography: Olav Maassen

Olav Maassen is a veteran Agile consultant, award-winning author, frequent speaker in the Agile software development community and a fellow with the Lean Systems Society. He is now working for VersionOne as Enterprise Agile coach and Director of Sales. Previously he worked as Xebia as Principal Consultant and has been an Agile consultant and software developer with many prominent companies. Olav is an active participant in the agile community. He was one of the founders of Agile Holland, a foundation for promoting the use of agile methods in the Netherlands. He was also actively involved in organizing international conferences such as Agile2009 and LSSC2011. Olav is often invited as a speaker and presenter at international conferences. His presentations are perceived as both engaging and fun. The recurring theme is how transparency and trust can influence an organization.

Twitter: @OlavMaassen

Presentation: Navigating Politics in Agile/Lean Initiatives

Track: After Agile: What next? / Time: Friday 10:20 - 11:10 / Location: Hall 6

When implementing Lean/Agile, have you ever wondered why politics (in the company or internally in the team) sometimes escalate rather than decrease? Have you ever sat there in meetings frustrated and exasperated at the seemingly unnecessary dramatics some participants go through? What’s going on? Despite your best efforts, why doesn't pure data, logic and transparency always work?

Exploring why this happens, Katherine and Olav will draw on their toughest, on-the-ground experiences and combine it with eastern and tribal philosophy in order to illuminate practical and realistic ways of dealing with it.