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Presentation: "Build, Ship and Run the Docker Way"

Track: Working in the Cloud / Time: Thursday 10:20 - 11:10 / Location: Hall 5

Maxime will talk about fully automating the developer workflow from Git Push to deploying in production.
He will walk through the concepts and functions you need to know to successfully pull it off yourself. By the end, you will have learned the basics of using Docker Hub and Tutum to build, ship and run your applications from dev to production.

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Maxime Heckel, Software Engineer and Space Enthusiast

Maxime Heckel

Biography: Maxime Heckel

Maxime is a recently graduated software engineer and space enthusiast who works for @tutumcloud and @docker. He always used docker and CI/CD in his development workflow to help him build well crafted and beautiful apps.

Twitter: @MaximeHeckel