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Presentation: "Internet of Things: Event Driven Design and the Death of RPC"

Track: Smart Things for a Connected World / Time: Thursday 13:20 - 14:10 / Location: Hall 2

As an increasing array of devices connect to the internet of things, we see a shift in programming paradigms. Most developers are used to working with rich capable clients where a response is not an unreasonable expectation. MQTT - one of the core IoT protocols simply acknowledges receipt of messages and has no content of a response. As increasingly dumb devices become just smart enough, we will need new ways to model communications. This talk explores some options.

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Paul Hopton, Chief Engineer at relayr

Paul Hopton

Biography: Paul Hopton

Artist, Coder, Programmer, Developer, Engineer - my professional title has evolved over 18 years. Working on platforms ranging from floppy-disk to large scale cloud distribution, I can think both tiny and humongous. Switching focus between front-end and back-end has given me deep understanding. In my current roll as Chief Engineer at relayr, I get to use the whole stack. We're building a Platform for the Internet of Things. The next wave will not be built by large corporations, but built by small independent developers. We're giving app developers the tools and hardware they need to get started.

Twitter: @HoptonPaul