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Presentation: "Say Hello to Offline First"

Track: Mastering Mobile / Time: Friday 10:20 - 11:10 / Location: Hall 10

During the rise of the internet in the past 25 years, devices and user interactions have changed enormously. Now it’s time we find new approaches and patterns for the way we build applications for this web and its users.

Ola’s talk covers the philosophy behind and state of offline support on the web, starting points, challenges and how to develop first-class offline experiences – from PouchDB, ServiceWorker to sync and database structures with CouchDB and NodeJS.

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Ola Gasidlo, Developer at

Ola Gasidlo

Biography: Ola Gasidlo

Ola is a JavaScript developer, core member of Hoodie and organiser of several conferences like OTSConf and RejectJS. She loves making the web accessible for everyone, riding the trails and daughter-driven development.

Twitter: @misprintedtype