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Presentation: "The Age of Orchestration: from Docker Basics to Cluster Management"

Track: Docker, Friends & Alternatives / Time: Friday 10:20 - 11:10 / Location: Hall 1

The container abstraction hit the collective developer mind with great force and created a space of innovation for the distribution, configuration and deployment of cloud based applications. Now that this new model has established itself, work is moving towards orchestration and coordination of loosely coupled network services. There is an explosion of tools in this arena at different degrees of stability but the momentum is huge.

On the above premises in this session we'll delve into a selection of the following topics:
  • Two minute Docker intro refresher
  • Overview of the orchestration landscape (Kubernetes, Mesos,... and Docker tools)
  • Introduction to Docker's own ecosystem orchestration tools (machine, swarm and compose)
  • Live demo of cluster management using a sample application. 
A basic understanding of Docker is suggested to fully enjoy the talk.

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Nicola Paolucci, Developer Instigator at Atlassian

Nicola Paolucci

Biography: Nicola Paolucci

Nicola is an all-round hacker who loves exploring and teaching bleeding edge technologies. He writes and talks about Git, development workflows, code collaboration and Docker. Prior to his current role as Developer Instigator at Atlassian he lead software teams, built crowd sourcing applications for geo-spacial data, worked on huge e-commerce deployments. Little known facts about Nicola: he gesticulates a lot while speaking (being Italian), lives in Amsterdam and rides a Ducati.

Twitter: @durdn