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Presentation: "Mobile UX: Prototyping the Mobile Experience"

Time: Tuesday 12:10 - 13:00 / Location: Walton North

Every stake holder thinks they know what the user wants because they have the latest new technology trend that will revolutionize the world.  Mobile may be that for many people and how people use it may be different than you anticipated.  The project no matter how cool the technology is will be worthless unless it solves a users problem.  What the users will incorporate mobile is different than what is created for their laptops. 

We want users driving iPad mobile prototyping - Users will learn how to leverage tools to create mobile prototypes for interactive UX feeback. Using mobile prototypes can give both the users and the UX designer vaulable feedback for possible roadblocks without having to deal with refactoring issues once development starts.  We will talk about using Axure and other tools that can useful for these purposes.

We will cover: Create iPad mockups using widgets, master objects, and dynamic panels to quickly change the UX on the fly. Creating mobile prototypes using sprint methods and stories.

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Ray Mayfield, UX Engineer, Lextech

Ray Mayfield

Biography: Ray Mayfield

Ray builds great mobile UX for iOS/Android/Win8 Devices. He has been doing design for over 14 years and has seen great projects and no so great projects.  He believes in creating great experiences and quite passionate about delivering what the user wants.  He also does development so can get into the heart of things on the other side with developers as well to create useful designs that can be built.  When he is not creating great UX he runs around the soccer pitch and works on UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles). 
Twitter: @raymayfield