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Presentation: "One week to a user-centered design: an agile UCD toolkit for sprint zero"

Time: Tuesday 16:30 - 17:20 / Location: French

Want a way to get your whole team thinking from a user perspective? Kick off your next release with an intensive user-centered week that will get the whole team on the same page about what to build and why. Start with nothing more than an overarching goal, leave with a backlog, an implementation plan and a user tested prototype design.

 • Early user feedback: hit the pain points
 • Time & Cost savings: build the right thing first time
 • Faster delivery: less rework, clearer communications
 • Faster to market: realize business benefit sooner
 • Better communication: clear goals for team and management
 • Better measurement: metrics for success are baked in

During this talk Chris will introduce you to the method he uses with many of his clients to help them quickly decide what to build and how it should work. By progressing through a series of tools (site visits, experience mapping, charrettes, personas, scenario writing, prototyping, story mapping) in quick succession over the course of a week, the whole team gains vital understanding into their users' pain points and collaborates to build a prototype and implementation plan for a product customers will truly love. The beauty of this approach is that you can easily do it yourself after learning the individual techniques.

Quotes from happy teams:

 • This is a great approach for understanding what really needs to change and how important it is to the user
 • This has been exciting and I have looked forward to every day.  This process helped my understanding of the scope and vision of the effort.
 • So much more effective, a good use of $$, quick feedback and results and flexible to change at any time
 • The UCD approach allows us to solve this problem and test the solution in a very short time- frame.  This helps us move faster!

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Chris Nodder, Interface Tamer

Chris Nodder

Biography: Chris Nodder

Chris is the founder of Chris Nodder Consulting LLC, an agile user experience company that helps large organizations and lean startups build products that users love.

Before setting up his own company, Chris was a Director at Nielsen Norman Group, a Senior User Researcher at Microsoft and a Usability Consultant at NatWest Bank (UK). He has a background in psychology and human-computer interaction.

He runs the website, which gives lean and agile teams the tools they need to run their own user research, and is a video author, presenting professionally produced video courses on user experience topics. He's currently writing a book on the role UX plays in online persuasion (

Twitter: @uxgrump