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Clark Sell, Microsoft

Clark Sell

Biography: Clark Sell

Clark is a web evangelist for Microsoft based in Illinois. A Chicago native who can’t spell, Clark as a kid actually made his money building cars, getting grease under his nails. That art of building would later lead him to software development where he drinks the Web Development Kool-Aid. Writing code is what keeps Clark awake at night, while continually working on his craft and rapping with others over a few cold CORS. Clark is the co-founders of a polyglot software development conference called That Conference. You can hear him muse about software on his podcast Developer Smackdown, or find his family cruising around in their 1968 Camaro SS.
Twitter: @csell5

Workshop: Windows Store App Development End to End: 0 to 60 in 6 hours: FREE Workshop

Time: Thursday 09:00 - 16:00 / Location: Training 6

This is a FREE Workshop: Register here to save a seat

Speakers: Dave Bost (@davebost), Adam Hoffman (@stratospher_es), Clark Sell (@cell5), Greg Levenhagen (@GregLevenhagen)


Business Insider states, "The Windows Store will be present on hundreds of millions of machines eventually, making it a new marketplace that will eventually be one of the world's largest." Tech Crunch sends a call to all developers stating, "The Windows Store is likely to be the last opportunity of its kind for quite some time."

The Windows 8 development platform opens up an exciting opportunity for developers of all ilk. From the managed code developer to the slinger of C++ and now the HTML/JavaScript Junkie, Windows 8 gives developers the tools and components to create rich, immersive, modern applications.

This hands-on workshop will focus on the fundamentals of building modern Windows 8 applications with HTML and JavaScript. In this workshop, we will cover topics including:

·       Async programming patterns

·       Patterns for composing a Windows 8 App

·       Managing App Lifecycle

·       Page Navigation

·       Integrating your App with the OS

·       Working with Tiles

·       Performance tips

·       Testing and Deploying your App to the Windows Store

You will leave this workshop armed and ready to take advantage of the opportunities starting to explode with the Windows 8 Store. As The Next Web asserts, "We may see a gold rush of sorts as the Windows Store grows up overnight." It's time to stake your claim now!

Bring your own hardware, we'll have the software need, Mac or PC, it's all good.