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John Allspaw, Engineering Culture Hacker

John Allspaw

Biography: John Allspaw

John has worked in systems operations for over fourteen years in biotech, government and online media. He started out tuning parallel clusters running vehicle crash simulations for the U.S. government, and then moved on to the Internet in 1997. He built the backing infrastructures at Salon, InfoWorld, Friendster, and Flickr. He is now VP of Tech Operations at Etsy, and is the author of The Art of Capacity Planning published by O'Reilly.
Twitter: @allspaw 
Software Passion: The culture and tools that enables the building of scalable web infrastructures. 

Presentation: Escalation and Response to Outage Scenarios

Time: Wednesday 11:00 - 11:50 / Location: Gold Coast Room

Designing and building to prevent failure only gets us so far. The nature of complex systems is that a multitude of components can interact, resonate, and behave in surprising ways, no matter how much effort we put into anticipating failure modes and pathologies. We'll dig into the research on how individuals and teams makes sense of unfolding, escalating, and sometimes cascading failures, and hopefully get better at recovering from them over time. We'll touch a bit on the concept of 'human error', 'situation awareness', and ways that organizations can learn from failures. Spoiler: it's not "more automation."