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Presentation: "Technology Management, WTF?"

Time: Wednesday 12:10 - 13:00 / Location: French

The comedy styling team of Derek and Lyle will talk about creating, growing, and managing a high-functioning technology organization in the finance industry.  Topics will include the dangers of incentive systems, management’s role in decision making, creating a culture that people won’t want to leave in the face of outside pressures, the talent myth, the Ten Commandments of Rock and Roll, handling demotion into management,  drinking from the information firehose, and drunk octopuses who want to fight you.

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Derek Groothuis, Chief Software Officer at DRW

Derek Groothuis

Biography: Derek Groothuis

Derek Groothuis is Chief Software Officer at DRW, a Chicago-based principal trading firm.  Derek started programming professionally in junior high writing medical reference software, and more formally at a startup in 1995.  After a number of years consulting, and a stint overseas in Australia and Indonesia, he settled into the finance industry in 2002.  He joined DRW in 2008 to get out of management, and has been managing the software engineering team there ever since.  Since Friday Feb 21st his full time job has been watching the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer and repeatedly saying “I am Groot!”

Lyle Hayhurst, CTO at DRW Trading

Lyle Hayhurst

Biography: Lyle Hayhurst

 Lyle Hayhurst began his professional career as a C++ developer in 1996, and has been working in finance since 2000.  In 2007 he took the role of CTO at DRW Trading, a Chicago-based principal trading firm, where he manages a diverse staff of software developers, infrastructure technologists, and support staff.