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Presentation: "The Fundamentals of GC Performance"

Time: Tuesday 16:20 - 17:10 / Location: Gold Coast

Most of the garbage collection performance and tuning information available on the Internet and periodical tends to be very specific to either a garbage collector, or specific to an application symptom. This presentation takes that myriad of information and boils it down to a set of fundamentals and principles. Coming to terms with these fundaments empowers folks to understand the consequences of making a choice of not only a garbage collector, but also garbage collection tuning choices.

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Charlie Hunt, Lead author of Java Performance

Charlie Hunt

Biography: Charlie Hunt

Charlie Hunt is currently a JVM Engineer at Oracle leading a variety of JVM projects. He is also the lead author of Java Performance, published in 2011. He has held numerous performance positions including the Performance Engineering Architect at, and HotSpot VM Performance Architect at Oracle and Sun Microsystems.