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Camille Fournier, Head of Engineering, Rent the Runway

Camille Fournier

Biography: Camille Fournier

Camille is the head of engineering at Rent the Runway. In her limited spare time, she hacks on distributed systems for the Apache ZooKeeper project and contributes to the Dropwizard Java web framework. Twitter: @skamille


Presentation: So you want to rewrite that...

Time: Tuesday 12:10 - 13:00 / Location: Parkside

We've all dealt with systems that were less than ideal, that just barely worked, that we desperately wanted to rip out and replace. But what is the cost of doing this? From the standpoint both of the small company outgrowing its work, and the big company moving a major system, I'll discuss the real technical and cultural implications of replatforming, as well as some best and worst practices.