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Coleman Collins, User experience designer and design consultant at ThoughtWorks

Coleman Collins

Biography: Coleman Collins

Coleman is a user experience designer and design consultant with ThoughtWorks. Coleman started long ago as a visual designer, but has since picked up many skills and worn many hats in the interest of excellent user experience, from design researcher to interaction designer to front-end dev (sometimes all at the same time). He believes good design doesn't matter without equally good execution.

Presentation: Using design thinking, lean, and agile methods to move from well-aligned possibilities to a great solution

Time: Tuesday 15:10 - 16:00 / Location: Superior

Too often is solutioning used only in a abstract space to generally define product design. During this talk, we'll walk through a recent solution product for a retail client specializing in organic food to showcase, explore, and describe how a solution moves between abstract and concrete thinking. We'll examine how this product moved from a business need to customer usage utilizing strategy, lean and agile methodologies.