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Reid Draper, Professional Erlang Developer, works on Riak

Reid Draper

Biography: Reid Draper

Reid Draper is a professional Erlang developer who also does significant work in Clojure and Haskell. At Basho, he works on Riak, a distributed database. He's also the creator and primary author of Clojure test.check, a property-based testing tool.

Presentation: Forty Years of Pretending

Time: Tuesday 14:00 - 14:50 / Location: Parkside

Distributed systems are hard. We first got a glimpse of an easier way with 1974’s RFC 674, which introduced the Remote Procedure Call (RPC): a way to treat remote network calls as local. Unfortunately, RPC is fraught with issues, many raised immediately after RPC's introduction. Despite this, RPC hasn't died. Indeed, it's seeing a resurgence, as developers are finding appeal in writing tightly coupled server and browser code in the same language, be it Javascript or a compile-to-Javascript language. In this talk, we'll explore the concrete issues that RPC and its ilk create, as well as explore actionable alternatives.