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Adriaan Moors, Scala Tech Lead at Typesafe

Adriaan Moors

Biography: Adriaan Moors

Adriaan leads the Scala team at Typesafe. He has worked on the Scala compiler since 2007, when he implemented support for type constructor polymorphism. While Adriaan was at EPFL, he focussed mostly on the type checker's implementation and the underlying theory, though he briefly ventured a bit later into the compilation pipeline when he rewrote the pattern matcher in 2.10.  Since joining Typesafe, Adriaan has been trying to make all aspects of Scala easier to contribute to, by modularizing the library, simplifying the build, improving our infrastructure, polishing our process docs, etc. Please send Adriaan(@adriaanm) your thoughts on how we can make your life as a contributor easier and more pleasant!

Presentation: Scala 2.12 and Beyond

Time: Monday 17:10 - 18:00 / Location: Promenade Ballroom B & C

We'll never pack as many new features into a Scala release as in 2.10, but that doesn't mean we can't have some fun! In 2.12, we're eager to take full advantage of Java 8's embrace of lambdas. In bytecode, your Scala-defined lambdas will look just like those emitted by Java 8's compiler, and the Scala compiler will be happy to synthesize a Single Abstract Method type for you when calling a higher-order method defined in Java. The bytecode generator and optimizer are getting a complete overhaul while we're at it. In 2.13, our attention will shift to the standard library, with a slimmed down collections library and polish for all surfaces, as well as a preview of the new macro API that will land in the code-named versions of Scala from a more distant future.