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Amanda Laucher

Amanda Laucher

Biography: Amanda Laucher

Amanda Laucher has been working with technology her entire life. Some of her favorite childhood memories include working with punch cards alongside her grandmother or learning Morse code from her dad. Solving complex business problems with code is her passion. She is currently working for Neo Technology and using the graph database Neo4j. You are likely to find her discussing intricacies of languages and type systems, development processes or American football.

Twitter: @pandamonial

Presentation: Types vs. Tests: An Epic Battle?

Time: Monday 15:00 - 15:50 / Location: Promenade Ballroom B & C

Becoming a professional programmer in the days of Test Driven Development, many are led to believe that there is only one approach to software design and that everyone else is wrong. But what if you’re also a Type fanatic like me? Can these two methods live in harmony? Should they? In this talk we’ll take a rational look across the spectrum of Test and Type driven design, examining the benefits and limitations of these approaches, as well as the language features that best serve these differing needs.