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Brian LeRoux, PhoneGap Project Team, Adobe

Brian LeRoux

Biography: Brian LeRoux

Brian LeRoux leads the open source PhoneGap project team at Adobe (currently undergoing incubation as Apache Cordova). He's been with the PhoneGap project from its very humble beginnings at Nitobi Software.

Twitter: @brianleroux

Presentation: ECMAScript 6 & Web Components

Time: Monday 13:55 - 14:45 / Location: Grand Ballroom C

JavaScript has a long history of being difficult to structure and maintain. To deal with this complexity a swath of frameworks appeared over the years. Prototype.js was quickly followed by jQuery and hounded by Dojo, YUI, Mootools and many others. A second generation emerged focused on structuring apps heralded by Backbone, Angular, Ember, React and Polymer.

JavaScript can be a hard scene to follow. So what’s next? Nothing! Well ok, not quite nothing, the web platform inches forward very slowly using cues from the frameworks of yore. The W3C and WhatWG incorporate the concepts into the living standards and then browsers implement them eventually.

Many recent additions to the web platform are finally just now ubiquitous enough to consider serious use:

- JavaScript version 6 (ES6) - Custom Elements (a part of the broader Web Components initiative)

Come to this talk to learn how to get started writing structured apps using future friendly vanilla web platform code.