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Presentation: "Bare Metal DevOps"

Time: Tuesday 12:05 - 12:55 / Location: Promenade Ballroom B & C

Excitement over DevOps has grown significantly since the first DevOpsDays conference in Ghent in 2009, but most of the tools and literature carry the implicit assumption that you are running an application or web service on an Infrastructure as a Service platform. This may be delaying, and possibly even preventing, the adoption of sensible DevOps practices by a large demographic who would benefit immensely from them: those who need to maintain their own infrastructure.

In this talk I'll share experiences I've had over the last 5+ years of applying DevOps principles to managing my own bare metal, including

- principles that apply regardless of where your services run

- a migration from AWS to our own servers.

- the hidden gotchas that IaaS systems hide from you when they're running well, but which you must be aware of in your own environments

- things I wished others who manage their own infrastructure would talk more about

This will be a fairly technical talk but will also be relevant to technical managers.

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Chris Read, Senior Systems Engineer at DRW

Chris Read

Biography: Chris Read

Chris Read currently works at DRW where he helps developers and operations deliver more value faster. He used to work for ThoughtWorks as a Principal Technical Consultant and Infrastructure Specialist. This means he helps developers understand the environments they are developing for, and helps infrastructure people build better systems. His specialties are Unix (any flavor), scripting and networking. He has done time as a Developer and as a Sys Admin, but now he is both...