GOTO is a vendor independent international software development conference with more that 90 top speaker and 1300 attendees. The conference cover topics such as .Net, Java, Open Source, Agile, Architecture and Design, Web, Cloud, New Languages and Processes

Speakers at GOTO Chicago 2016

 Aaron  Bedra
Aaron Bedra,
Chief Security Officer at Eligible & GOTO Chicago Program Committee Member
 Adam  Tornhill
Adam Tornhill,
Founder and CTO at Empear AB
 Aino Vonge Corry
Aino Vonge Corry,
GOTO Chicago Program Chairperson
 Aysylu  Greenberg
Aysylu Greenberg,
Engineer at Google
 Barry  Galster
Barry Galster,
Executive Director Software Engineering, CME & GOTO Chicago Program Committee Member
 Barry  O'Reilly
Barry O'Reilly,
Entrepreneur, Business Advisor & Author of "Lean Enterprise"
 Boaz  Avital
Boaz Avital,
Core Storage and Manhattan at Twitter
 Bob  Paulin
Bob Paulin,
Independent Consultant and Speaker
 Bodil  Stokke
Bodil Stokke,
Functional Programming Hipster & Lead Web Developer at Trading Technologies
 Brian  LeRoux
Brian LeRoux,
Founder of Small Wins & GOTO Chicago Program Committee Member
 Brian  Ray
Brian Ray,
Organizer of Chicago Python User Group & Technology lead of Enterprise Science for Deloitte Consulting LLP
 Bryce  Baril
Bryce Baril,
Senior Node Developer at NodeSource
 Bud  Siddhisena
Bud Siddhisena,
Lead Software Engineer at Enova
 Caitie  McCaffrey
Caitie McCaffrey,
Distributed Systems Diva at Twitter & GOTO Chicago Program Committee Member
 Camille  Fournier
Camille Fournier,
Former CTO of Rent the Runway
 Casey  Rosenthal
Casey Rosenthal,
Engineering Mgr of the Traffic & Chaos Teams at Netflix
 Chris  Read
Chris Read,
Senior Systems Engineer at DRW
 Christophe  Coenraets
Christophe Coenraets,
Developer Evangelist at
 Christopher  Meiklejohn
Christopher Meiklejohn,
P.h.D Student at Université Catholique de Louvain
 Corey  Haines
Corey Haines,
GOTO Chicago Program Committee Member
 Craig  Sproule
Craig Sproule,
CEO of Metavine
 Dave  Thomas
Dave Thomas,
GOTO Chicago Program Chairperson & Chief Scientist/CSO, Kx Systems
 David  Nugent
David Nugent,
Developer Advocate at
 Dean  Wampler
Dean Wampler,
Big Data Architect at Lightbend, O'Reilly Author & GOTO Chicago Program Committee Member
 Deborah  Harris
Deborah Harris,
Scientist at Fermilab
 Erich  Gamma
Erich Gamma,
Distinguished Engineer at Microsoft and member of the "Gang of Four"
 Francesc  Campoy Flores
Francesc Campoy Flores,
Senior Developer Advocate for the Google Cloud Platform
 Fred  George
Fred George,
Early Adopter of OO & Agile, Advocating MicroServices & Programmer Anarchy
 Georges  Saab
Georges Saab,
VP Software Dev., Java Platform Group at Oracle & GOTO Chicago Program Committee Member
 Gregor  Hohpe
Gregor Hohpe,
Chief IT Architect at Allianz
 Hani  Suleiman
Hani Suleiman,
CTO at formicary
 Heinz  Schaffner
Heinz Schaffner,
Principal Technologist at Solace Systems
 Jeff  Smith
Jeff Smith,
Author of "All Things Dork" Blog
 Jessica  Kerr
Jessica Kerr,
Polyglot Functional Developer
 Jez  Humble
Jez Humble,
Author of "Continuous Delivery" & GOTO Chicago PC Member
 John  Davies
John Davies,
CTO of C24 & Incept5 & GOTO Chicago Program Committee Member
 John  Downey
John Downey,
Security Lead at Braintree
 Joseph  Yoder
Joseph Yoder,
Software Patterns writer
 Josh  Long
Josh Long,
 Joshua  Birk
Joshua Birk,
Principal Developer Evangelist at Salesforce
 Justin  Flude
Justin Flude,
Senior Software Engineer at Peak 6
 Kasper  Lund
Kasper Lund,
Software engineer at Google
 Lars  Bak
Lars Bak,
Co-Founder of Dart & Designer of V8
 Laura  Bell
Laura Bell,
 Luke  Westby
Luke Westby,
JavaScript Developer at Raise
 Matt  Godbolt
Matt Godbolt,
Low-level latency geek, DRW
 Matt  Konda
Matt Konda,
Founder of Jemurai
 Matt  Kremer
Matt Kremer,
Ionic Creator Project Lead
 Matt  Ranney
Matt Ranney,
Chief Systems Architect at Uber, Co-founder of Voxer
 Michael Vander Pluym
Michael Vander Pluym,
Senior Software Engineer at Peak 6
 Michael T.  Nygard
Michael T. Nygard,
Author of "Release It!" & GOTO Chicago Program Committee Member
 Neha  Narkhede
Neha Narkhede,
Co-Creator of Apache Kafka & Co-Founder of Confluent Inc
 Nicole  Forsgren
Nicole Forsgren,
Director of Organizational Performance & Analytics at Chef
 Patrick  Linskey
Patrick Linskey,
Chief Architect of Cisco Spark & GOTO Chicago Program Committee Member
 Peter  Bailis
Peter Bailis,
Stanford University
 Peter  Lawrey
Peter Lawrey,
CEO at Higher Frequency Trading Ltd & Author of Vanilla Java Blog
 Ray  Krueger
Ray Krueger,
Chief Architect, Hyatt
 Rick  Fast
Rick Fast,
Principal Software Engineer at Expedia Inc.
 Rod  Johnson
Rod Johnson,
CEO of Atomist, Creator of Spring, Independent Investor, Author & Coder
 Ryan  Pratt
Ryan Pratt,
CTO of Capital Management at PEAK6
 Sam  Newman
Sam Newman,
Author of "Building Microservices" & GOTO Chicago PC Member
 Sarah  Johnson
Sarah Johnson,
Community Outreach Manager at TechGirlz
 Siddharth  Anand
Siddharth Anand,
Data Architect at Agari Inc
 Spencer  Kelley
Spencer Kelley,
Freelance javascripter from Toronto
 Srinivas  Palthepu
Srinivas Palthepu,
Capital One
 Steve  Hoffman
Steve Hoffman,
Senior Principal Engineer at Raise
 Steve  Smith
Steve Smith,
Developer Synthesist
 Steve  Vinoski
Steve Vinoski,
Co-Author of "Designing for Scalability with Erlang/OTP"
 Suz  Hinton
Suz Hinton,
JavaScript Developer
 Talha  Basit
Talha Basit,
CTO at Dose
 Tim  Steele
Tim Steele,
UI Architect on the R&D team at Benefitfocus
 Todd  Montgomery
Todd Montgomery,
Co-author of Aeron
 Tony  Maher
Tony Maher,
Engineering Tech Lead at Dose
 Travis  Reeder
Travis Reeder,
CTO and Co-Founder of
 Wilfried  Schobeiri
Wilfried Schobeiri,
SVP, Technology at MediaMath
 Zamir  Syed
Zamir Syed,