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Presentation: "Building a Distributed Build System at Google Scale"

Time: Tuesday 11:00 - 11:50 / Location: Grand Ballroom C

t’s hard to imagine a modern developer workflow without a sufficiently advanced build system: Make, Gradle, Maven, Rake, and many others. In this talk, we’ll discuss the evolution of build systems that leads to distributed build systems, like Google's BuildRabbit. Then, we’ll dive into how we can build a scalable system that is fast and resilient, with examples from Google. We’ll conclude with the discussion of general challenges of migrating systems from one architecture to another.

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Aysylu Greenberg, Engineer at Google

Aysylu Greenberg

Biography: Aysylu Greenberg

Aysylu Greenberg works at Google on a distributed build system. In her spare time, she ponders the design of systems that deal with inaccuracies, paints and sculpts.
Twitter: @aysylu22