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Presentation: "Chaos & Intuition Engineering at Netflix"

Time: Wednesday 13:55 - 14:45 / Location: Grand Ballroom A & B

Most systems at scale are initially optimized for one of the following: performance, availability, or fault tolerance. Netflix chooses to embrace development velocity. I will talk about the impact that this has on availability, and then specifically how my teams use Chaos Engineering and Intuition Engineering to navigate one of the largest scale deployments on the Internet.

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Casey Rosenthal, Engineering Mgr of the Traffic & Chaos Teams at Netflix

Casey Rosenthal

Biography: Casey Rosenthal

Casey is currently the Engineering Manager for the Traffic Team and the Chaos Team at Netflix. As an Executive Manager and Senior Architect in a previous life, Casey managed teams to tackle Big Data, architect solutions to difficult problems, and train others to do the same. He finds opportunities to leverage his experience with distributed systems, artificial intelligence, translating novel algorithms and academia into working models, and selling a vision of the possible to clients and colleagues alike. For fun, Casey models human behavior using personality profiles in Ruby, Erlang, Elixir, Prolog, and Scala.

Twitter: @caseyrosenthal