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Presentation: "Fast Track to Docker for Developers"

Time: Wednesday 17:10 - 18:00 / Location: Promenade Ballroom A

Docker and containerization is all the hype these days. But as a developer, why would you use Docker over any other virtualization technology? In this talk, developers will learn Docker fundamentals and the benefits of the "Docker way" for building applications.

* Installing Docker Engine * Launching and experimenting with containers
* Dokerizing and publishing your own app on Dockerhub
* Mounting your local volumes onto Docker for rapid development
* Spinning up multiple containers at once (Docker Orchestration)

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Bud Siddhisena, Lead Software Engineer at Enova

Bud Siddhisena

Biography: Bud Siddhisena

Bud Siddhisena in a Lead Software Engineer at Enova, where he spends time developing and architecting from really large Rails apps to micro services in Go. Bud is a veteran Linux and Open Source user and contributor since 1997. Prior to Enova, he was a co-founder of a startup which specialized in building cloud apps for small & medium businesses. He has published and presented at IEEE on virtualization, distributed computing and been keeping up virtualization technology trends from Xen, KVM to modern Docker, RunC and upcoming LXD. If you ask what he's most passionate about, he'd tell you tinkering with systems, IoT, travel and photography.

Twitter: @geekaholic