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Workshop: "Interactive Python Workshop"

Time: Monday 09:00 - 16:00 / Location: Room 3

A workshop on the Python programming language and scientific tools with a focus on applying Python to problems in solving data science problems. No prior experience with Python required. It's most beneficial participants have some basic programming experience in some other language, statistics, or science background.

This workshop is hands on and interactive. The workshop will start with basic language and build up to more advanced problem solving and tools. Learn programing in a Jupyter notebook. (download and install Anaconda 2.7 here Some topics covered in this course: Language Functionality, Exploring Modules, Reading in Data, Data Statistics, Visualization, OOP, Testing Code, Modeling and Machine Learning.

Brian Ray, Organizer of Chicago Python User Group & Technology lead of Enterprise Science for Deloitte Consulting LLP

Brian Ray

Biography: Brian Ray

Mr. Ray leads the agile software operations with Deloitte's Analytics team in the Enterprise Science division. Over two years, he has built, led and mentored a first-rate team that uses a multi-disciplinary approach of natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, text analytics and open source to offer a clearer picture of the written word to clients. Through his foresight and direction, the firm has undertaken its newest innovation with Deloitte Open Text Classification Engine (DOTCE) to mine unstructured data for increased corporate performance.

Best known for taking on complex projects, Mr. Ray is respected by key stakeholders in his ability to steer projects throughout its entire lifecycle. He combines a visionary approach and clear communication style with standout technical experience, including fluency in several programing languages, the ability to harness multiple methodologies, and ease working within a large range of operating systems and cloud computing.

He is also the founder and primary organizer of ChiPy, the Chicago Python User Group, which, since 2003, has become one of the world's most active programming language special interest groups with over 1,000 active members and many prestigious alumni.

Highly recognized in the industry, Mr. Ray was named in 2011 to Crain’s Chicago Business’ top “Tech 25.” He was an early presenter at Google, speaking on Python technology in 2006, and has continued speaking at major conferences and businesses across the country every year.