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Presentation: "Ionic: Mobile App Development with a Superpowered Platform"

Time: Wednesday 16:05 - 16:55 / Location: Astor Ballroom

Mobile devices and browsers are now advanced enough that developers can build native-quality mobile apps using open web technologies like HTML5, Javascript, and CSS. In this talk, we’ll provide background on why and how we created Ionic, the design decisions made as we integrated Ionic with Angular, and the performance considerations for mobile platforms that our team had to overcome. We’ll also review new and upcoming Ionic features, and talk about all of the pre-built services Ionic offers like Push, Deploy, Analytics, Authentication and more!

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Matt Kremer, Ionic Creator Project Lead

Matt Kremer

Biography: Matt Kremer

Matt Kremer is a developer, speaker, author and overall awesome dude (or at least his dogs think so) from Milwaukee, WI. He wrote "Building Software Products in a Weekend" based on Minimum-Viable-Product development. Matt is the Project Lead for Ionic Creator, a drag and drop prototyping tool for the Ionic hybrid development framework.

Twitter: @matthewkremer