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Presentation: "Providing Flexible Database Consistency Levels with Manhattan at Twitter"

Time: Tuesday 15:00 - 15:50 / Location: Grand Ballroom C

Manhattan is Twitter’s primary distributed key-value store. This talk will cover the general architecture of the storage system, along with the motivations, tradeoffs and benefits of highly-available eventual consistency. You will learn about some of the challenges presented by the proliferation of use cases in a multitenant environment. We will then discuss the practicalities and surprises in evolving an eventually consistent database to provide strongly consistent capabilities.

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Boaz Avital, Core Storage and Manhattan at Twitter

Boaz Avital

Biography: Boaz Avital

Boaz is the tech lead for Core Storage and one of the original engineers on the Manhattan team at Twitter. His work at Twitter has been primarily focused around building a distributed database from the ground up to support one of the highest traffic websites on the internet.

Twitter: @bx