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Presentation: "The Formulartic Spectrum"

Time: Wednesday 12:05 - 12:55 / Location: Astor Ballroom

The physical world is just another binary machine. Data creation, analysis, and corruption combined with JavaScript can make new and unexpected things.

Can you programmatically extract joy from the subjectivity it exists in? Can it be translated into intentional forms to hook others in? This session will gently take you along on a personal journey of how you can use code to expose new expressions of the mundane secrets we hold dear.

Suz Hinton, JavaScript Developer

Suz Hinton

Biography: Suz Hinton

Suz Hinton is a JavaScript developer who likes to tinker with hardware. A maker at heart, she’s no stranger to minor burns from soldering irons and 3D printers. She's a regular contributor to the open source Node.js electronics scene, and enjoys teaching others how to immerse themselves in the nerdiverse.

Twitter: @noopkat