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Presentation: "The Secrets of High Performance: Science Edition"

Time: Tuesday 17:10 - 18:00 / Location: Promenade Ballroom B & C

Jez and Nicole have spent the last three years researching high performing IT teams, and the impact of IT performance on organizational performance. In this talk, we'll present the key factors that enable not just higher throughput but also higher stability and quality, lower cost, and happier teams. Discover how continuous delivery and lean management practices produce higher IT performance (and indeed what we might mean by performance), along with how to measure culture and its impact on IT and organizational culture. Find out how to science the crap out of software development and product development. Learn the patterns and practices used by high performing organizations to outcompete their peers.

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Jez Humble, Author of "Continuous Delivery" & GOTO Chicago PC Member

Jez Humble

Biography: Jez Humble

Jez Humble is co-author of the Jolt Award winning Continuous Delivery, published in Martin Fowler’s Signature Series (Addison Wesley, 2010), and Lean Enterprise, in Eric Ries’ Lean series (O'Reilly, 2015). He has spent his career tinkering with code, infrastructure, and product development in companies of varying sizes across three continents. He is currently researching how to build high performing teams, and helping to create a cloud platform for government. He works at 18F, and teaches at UC Berkeley.

Twitter: @jezhumble
Humble, O'Reilly and Associates:
Book: Lean Enterprise (O'Reilly 2015)

Nicole Forsgren, Director of Organizational Performance & Analytics at Chef

Nicole Forsgren

Biography: Nicole Forsgren

Dr. Nicole Forsgren is an IT impacts expert who shows leaders how to unlock the potential of technological change in their organizations. Best known for her work with tech professionals and as the lead investigator on the largest DevOps studies to date, she is a consultant, expert, and researcher in knowledge management, IT adoption and impacts, and DevOps. She is the Director of Organizational Performance and Analytics at Chef and an Academic Partner at the Social Analytics Institute at Clemson University. In a previous life, she was a professor, sysadmin, and hardware performance analyst.

She holds a PhD in Management Information Systems and a Masters in Accounting. She has consulted and advised Fortune 50 Companies, startups and government agencies, and has been awarded public and private research grants (funders include NASA and the NSF). Her work has been featured in various media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, InfoWeek, and ComputerWorld, and she has been named a Top 100 DevOps Expert and one of the Top 20 Influential Women in DevOps by TechBeacon.

Twitter: @nicolefv