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Presentation: "Using Modern C++ In Anger"

Time: Tuesday 11:00 - 11:50 / Location: Astor Ballroom

C++ has been undergoing quite a lot of change in the last several years - C++11, C++14, and even C++17. These changes present opportunities for new designs and behaviors. But, how do these new opportunities actually pan out when the project is non-trivial, extremely performance sensitive, and has to interoperate with other languages? Aeron is a high performance messaging transport that provides a C++ API that transparently interoperates with its Java API. In this session, we will talk about the challenges faced with the use of C++11 in Aeron and the lessons learned. Whether you are just curious about modern C++ or are an experienced C/C++ developer, this session will provide some new information.

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Todd Montgomery, Co-author of Aeron

Todd Montgomery

Biography: Todd Montgomery

Todd L. Montgomery is an independent software developer and consultant specializing in high performance applications in a number of languages. Previously, Todd was CTO of 29West and a Vice President of Architecture for Informatica where he was the chief designer and implementer of the 29West low latency messaging products, and Chief Architect of Kaazing. The Ultra Messaging product family (formerly known as LBM) has hundreds of production deployments within electronic trading across many asset classes and pioneered the broker-less messaging paradigm. In the past, Todd has held architecture positions at TIBCO and Talarian as well as lecture positions at West Virginia University, contributed to the IETF, and performed research for NASA in various software fields.

Todd is also co-author and co-maintainer of the Aeron, Agrona, and Simple Binary Encoding (SBE) open source projects.

With a deep background in messaging systems, high performance systems, reliable multicast, network security, congestion control, and software assurance, Todd brings a unique perspective tempered by over 20 years of practical development experience.

Twitter: @toddlmontgomery