Presentation: "DevOps Counseling: 10 ways to help your Dev and Ops people resolve their differences and learn to love each other again"

Track: Dev and Ops / Time: Wednesday 14:05 - 15:05 / Location: Falconer Salen

One of the practices encouraged by DevOps is the creation of cross-functional delivery teams that contain all of the skills necessary to bring software from concept to production. In the enterprise, unfortunately, development and operations teams have historically been separate groups; each with their own management, reporting, tools, and practices. Bringing these teams closer together involves a clash of cultures & values that can be both disheartening and unhelpful.

In this session, I propose my top ten tips for helping development and operations people overcome their differences and start truly collaborating on the practices necessary to create and run great software.

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Tom Sulston, Lead Consultant, ThoughtWorks UK

Tom Sulston

Biography: Tom Sulston

Tom Sulston works for ThoughtWorks in London. He is a consultant in the build and release space and loves the whole DevOps thing. He has previously spoken at Agile and XP conferences on continuous integration tools & build pipeline practices. Tom lives in Geneva and spends too much time in airports.