Presentation: "Frictionless Persistence in .NET with MongoDB"

Track: Cloud and NoSQL / Time: Thursday 14:05 - 15:05 / Location: Room 202/203

Every day seems to offer yet another new technology in the NoSQL space, and they are usually all about being "web scale" and whatnot. There are other angles to NoSQL though, and this talk will be about easing the day-to-day pain that one might feel when wanting to persist objects to a database - for the web as well as, dare I say it, in the enterprise.

We'll explore some of the concepts of document databases and stuff that's general to NoSQL technologies, and then we'll take a look at how easy it is to get up to speed with MongoDB with examples on how to do that in C#. Lastly, we'll discuss a couple of applications for MongoDB in .NET as well as on other platforms.

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Mogens Heller Grabe, Agile .NET dude

Mogens Heller Grabe

Biography: Mogens Heller Grabe

Mogens is a passionate programmer, teacher, and learner at Trifork. In his current role, Mogens is working as a .NET consultant, helping with building the core of one of Denmark's most promising smart grid initiatives. Mogens has a strong conviction that software development should not be an agonizing experience, which is why he is always seeking ways to reduce the pain he and his team must suffer when they're building great stuff. Moreover, he likes that Lego feeling he gets from coding.