Presentation: "Getting Things Done with REST"

Track: REST Architectures / Time: Friday 12:05 - 13:05 / Location: Room 102/103

REST's hypermedia constraint is all about getting things done - that is, making changes to the state of an application to achieve a particular goal. Put simply, in a web-based hypermedia system, clients apply HTTP's uniform interface to operate links and forms in pursuit of their application goals.

Using Microsoft's new WCF HTTP APIs, in this session I'll discuss the implementation of machine-to-machine interactions in a hypermedia-driven distributed system. I'll look at how we can develop and test discrete parts of a workflow, and build clients that can be guided on the fly to complete their application goals.

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Ian Robinson, ThoughtWorks

Ian Robinson

Biography: Ian Robinson

Ian Robinson (@iansrobinson) is the SOA practice lead for ThoughtWorksEurope, having spent many years architecting and implementing distributedsystems for clients in the telecommunications, entertainment and financialservices sectors. He is a co-author of 'REST in Practice' (O'Reilly) and acontributor to the forthcoming 'REST: From Research to Practice' (Springer).He presents at conferences worldwide on RESTful enterprise integration anddistributed systems design and delivery, and blogs at