Presentation: "HTML5 WebSockets - the Web Communication revolution, making the impossible, possible"

Track: HTML5, JavaScript and the Future of the Web / Time: Friday 12:05 - 13:05 / Location: Room 204/205

HTML5 WebSockets is rapidly becoming the standard for better connecting business data with Web-based clients, and also for Web and Cloud enabling parts of the business that perhaps today are not taking advantage of these trends. However the vision for WebSockets is vastly bigger than this. What today constitutes the best choice for delivering low-latency, real time data to Rich Internet Applications is now also proving to be the new standard communication technology for all Web interaction going forward. With the limitations of HTTP lifted, what sorts of applications can now be built? What new ways can you best connect your business with your customers over the Web, Cloud or Mobile with low latency and high scale? Come to this session to hear about how WebSocket technology is delivering on the dreams of many large organisations as they better serve their customers demands for business data over the Web, and hear about some of the revolutionary things that were once deemed impossible, made possible.

Jonas Jacobi, Co-founder of Kaazing

Jonas Jacobi

Biography: Jonas Jacobi

As co-founder and chief executive officer of Kaazing Corporation, Jonas Jacobi sets the company's business strategy and oversees all aspects of Kaazing's operations and mission to become the world-wide leader in real-time software.

Before co-founding Kaazing Jonas Jacobi worked as VP of Product Management responsible for the product management and marketing strategy for Brane Corporation, a startup company in Silicon Valley. A native of Sweden, Mr. Jacobi has worked in the software industry for more than sixteen years. Prior to his appointment as vice president for Brane, he worked 8 years for Oracle as a Java EE and open source Evangelist, and product manager responsible for the product management of JavaServer Faces, Oracle ADF Faces, and Oracle ADF Faces Rich Client in the Oracle JDeveloper team.

Mr. Jacobi is a frequent speaker at international conferences and has written numerous articles for leading IT magazines such as Java Developer's Journal, JavaPro, AjaxWorld, and Oracle Magazine. Jonas is co-author of the recently published book Pro JSF and Ajax: Building Rich Internet Components, (Apress).

Software passion: Software is limitless, and it allows me to break barriers and do the "impossible".


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