Workshop: "Introduction to Android"

Track: Mobile Development / Time: Monday 09:00 - 16:00 / Location: Room 102/103

This tutorial is an introduction to the Android software stack, including operating system, middle-ware and application framework. We will explain the fundamentals of a typical Android application and over how to build the GUI, interfacing with other Android applications and to all the nice hardware that is typically available on an Android device.

Throughout the day you will be building an application that showcases some of the key concepts of the Android platform - there will be a lot of coding, so prepare to get your hands dirty!

If you participate in this training session, please bring your own computer with the following software installed:

   * Java 1.6
   * Eclipse 3.6
   * Android SDK r09
   * ADT Plugin for Eclipse v 9.x.x

Keywords: Android, mobile, Java, GPS, Hands-on
Target audience: If you have no or little experience with Android, this tutorial is for you. You should, however be familiar with the Java language to get full benefit from the many hands-on sessions.

Niels Sthen Hansen, Trifork Software Pilot

Niels Sthen Hansen

Biography: Niels Sthen Hansen

I have been working professionally with software for 10 years and have had the good fortune to be with Trifork since 2008. I work as a consultant and spend most of my time on design and implementation of software for our customers. My main focus is Java technology - and I am quite excited about the Android platform and the possibilities it offers.

Software Passion: Software is about technology and software is also about people - we model our organisations, our work processes and even interpersonal relations in software. Creating software means being in the middle of all this, charged with the immense responsibility of helping other people to achieve their goals. Software is passion; we are changing the world a little bit every day with lines of code.


Per Nymann Joergensen, Trifork Software Pilot

Per Nymann Joergensen

Biography: Per Nymann Joergensen

I remember when I bought my first computer, it was back in the early 80, but from that point on, my passion for computers and making them 'do things' was awaken.
Today many year later :-), now 36 years old, having two kids, and living in a small town 40 km outside of Copenhagen my passion has been my profession.
I have been working with Java for the last 10 years, and have an education as Cand.scient.dat from University of Copenhagen, the last year and half, I have been working for Trifork.
As a person, constant learning is important, I love reading and not only about computers science, but also the 'big' picture is a passion. In my spare time i'm playing soccer and running.
Software Passion: Make software which is easy to understand, for myself and other.

Stefan Meisner Larsen, Trifork Software Pilot

Stefan Meisner Larsen

Biography: Stefan Meisner Larsen

I have been writing software for more than two decades and in a dozen or so different programming languages. I work as a consultant, and my current primary interests are Android and J2E application programming. Over the years I have been working quite a lot with software processes and have been glad to discover, that there is a lot in common between the process of writing excellent software and the process of brewing excellent beer - both goals I try to achieve.
Software Passion: Writing software with the right viscosity