Presentation: "Unifying Web apps and Web services with REST"

Track: REST Architectures / Time: Friday 10:35 - 11:35 / Location: Room 102/103

Even though REST was conceived as an abstract description of the fundamentals underlying the World Wide Web's architecture, it's become popular within the last few years mostly as an alternative architecture for implementing machine-to-machine integration. Sometimes it's easy to forget that the architecture of Web applications, or even more generally, Web sites, can benefit from applying REST principles at least as much, if not more.

In this session, we'll explore what's common between browser-based, human-driven clients and automated agents, take a look at the consequences of applying REST to user interaction, and discuss when to go with a single, common model for both uses cases, and when to provide separate, connected interfaces.

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Stefan Tilkov, SOA and REST authority, innoQ founder

Stefan Tilkov

Biography: Stefan Tilkov

Stefan Tilkov is a co-founder and principal consultant at innoQ, a technology consulting company with offices in Germany and Switzerland.

He has been involved in the design of large-scale, distributed systems for more than a decade, using a variety of technologies and tools ranging from C++ and CORBA over J2EE/Java EE and Web Services to REST and Ruby on Rails. He has authored numerous articles and a book ("REST und HTTP", German), and is a frequent speaker at conferences around the world.