Presentation: "UserGroupMeeting DKUUG - Striking back at the Android horde"

Time: Thursday 19:15 - 20:15 / Location: To be announced

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The sheer number of Android devices pose a challenge to developers. How do you test your application across such a diverse and ever expanding set of devices? Unit tests might ensure that the business logic is sound. But what about the UI?

And is it enough to rely on the emulator and the few phones you have lying around the office? And how do you go about making sure that testing happens continuously?

In this talk we will show how you might go about automating the random tapping around you do before every release. We will focus on how you make your testing reliable, repeatable, continuous and the results visual. And demonstrate how to achieve this with Android Instrumentation testing and Robotium.

And finally give a quick glimpse at how Cucumber and a hat full of cloud might make your testing a little less painful.

Erik Mejer Hansen, Co-Founder of Less Painful

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Biography: Erik Mejer Hansen

After finishing his masters in computer science Erik worked on a large integration project between the danish finacial sector and the danish landregisty for three years before switching to Android development.
Quickly feeling the sting of Android QA he and Jonas cofounded

Jonas Maturana Larsen, Co-Founder of Less Painful

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Biography: Jonas Maturana Larsen

Jonas is one of the cofounders of LessPainful - trying to make developing Android application more about developing and less about testing.
Until recently Jonas worked as a consultant at Trifork mostly doing larger Java projects.

In LessPainful he is doing Mobile, Ruby, Cloud and all kind of fancy stuff.